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Anonymous asked:

Wait what why do you like/not like zack if I may ask




hahaha last time i went over this i lost about 30 followers so like… i don’t want to offend anyone but zack is honestly just /nothing/

there’s nothing that he does he doesn’t speak he doesn’t exist he is honestly just nothing besides a pretty talented musician 

i usually skip him in signings/m&g’s without even realizing it


he’s just not important to me at all??? like not even a little??? replace zack merrick with a stack of milk jugs i will not know the difference


okay but zack is literally one of the most crucial people to the band?? like he plays fucking bass?? plus he fills in the gaps sometimes with vocals????? what the fuck?? and all the other boys have said at some point how the band wouldnt have really worked out without him!!!! he is so important literally just as important as the other 3 a band is not just 75% its all 100% ??? stop i hope u lose followers smh 

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